Though it's wowed critics and already sold out at locations around the world, Apple's newly-released iPhone 4 apparently falls short of perfection. As customers began to use the device, tech blogs have been reporting a number of alleged glitches from reception issues to yellowing on the display. Four reasons why it may be better to wait for version 2.0: (Watch one fan's gripe with the iPhone 4's reception)

1. The iPhone 4 appears to dislike left-handed people
Apparently, when your hand comes in contact with the lower-left portion of the phone's metal "antenna band," your skin's conductivity can play havoc with the phone's two antennae — one for Bluetooth and WiFi, another for cellular reception. Left-handed customers, in particular, are complaining of signal disruptions. Apple has responded, saying that antenna disruption "is a fact of life for every wireless phone." And Apple CEO Steve Jobs suggests users "just avoid holding it that way," or purchase a case for the phone.

2. A yellow streak?
Some customers say that disturbing yellow spots and bands are marring their phone's touch-screen "Retina display." Apple has acknowledged that "residue from the manufacturing process" is the likely culprit and is offering afflicted customers a no-charge replacement phone.

3. Increased vulnerability to shattering
While previous models combined a glass touchscreen with a soft aluminum and plastic, the new iPhone 4 is constructed, front and back, of chemically hardened glass, which some experts consider a misstep. "The front screen can take a lot of wear-and-tear and use-and-abuse," tech analyst Vinita Jakhanwal tells Christian Science Monitor. But "I think you've now increased the probability of cracking...." Unlucky customers agree.

4. The classic iPhone issue: Dropped calls
iPhone 4 received few negative reviews, but, as Xeni Jardin says in BoingBoing: "There's one flaw [Apple] can't completely eliminate — the unreliable quality of calls placed over AT&T." Customers may soon have another choice: Though not confirmed, a growing number reports indicate that the iPhone may be available through Verizon by the beginning of 2011.