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Results: We asked you for a handy insult to be hurled in the halls of Congress and you lobbied for:
THE WINNER: May your bleeding heart wait six months for public-option surgery.
Mary Hogan, New York City
SECOND PLACE: Are you really as stupid and incompetent as you appear, or is that a ploy to get re-elected?
Roberta Tierney, Angola, IN
THIRD PLACE: May your mouth speak the truth for the rest of your term!
Charlie Thanas, Leicester, MA

My prostitutes are classier than your prostitutes.
Bethany Wheeling, Finksburg, MD
Even Representative Massa wouldn’t tickle you.
Ashley Ryan, Catonsville, MD
May your mother-in-law be on your “death panel.”
Robert Mill, Highlands Ranch, CO
I hope you choke on your pork and die.
Adam Dansky, San Diego
Your mother has a pre-existing condition!
Maureen Denike, San Jose, CA
Reconcile This!
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA
May your children be legislators.
Michael Werdmann, Monroe, CT
May the laws you create also apply to you.
David M. McCoy, Middleton, WI
May your intern moon you during the State of the Union.
David Pepper, Malibu, CA
Is that an outline of your congressional district or did someone get sick on your state map?
David Levin, Edgewater MD
I hope your lobbyist gets a lobotomy.
Dena Cornett, Mill Valley, CA
Your Momma has ethics!
John Walsh, Conifer, CO
You bipartisan, people-first, selfless, do-gooding, scandal-free, show-the-rest-of-us-up WEASEL!
Raymond Smith, Lynn, MA