Breast reductions for men jumped by 80 percent last year, making operations to fix "man boobs" the fastest growing part of the U.K.'s cosmetic surgery industry, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. While women still account for the vast majority of cosmetic procedures, men are catching up as they feel pressure from photos they see in men's magazines, says plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover. Are we in the midst of "man boob" epidemic that only surgery can cure?

The war on man boobs is only beginning: "British men love boobs. On women," says Eiseley Tauginas in BlackBook. But they hate them on themselves, so more and more will seek breast reductions as rising obesity and other factors make the dilemma more common. Look at Japan, where men have snapped up masculine bras — remember the "Bro" from Seinfeld? — to hide their unsightly "moobs."
"The rise of the man boob, aka moobs"

Don't do it, guys: "Man boobs aren't so bad,"  says Olivia Allin in The Frisky. So please, gentlemen, don't go under the knife. "I don’t know if I could deal with a guy who has more body insecurities than I do."
"Moob reduction is the fastest growing cosmetic surgery"

Surgery isn't the only way to fight moobs: Many things can cause man boobs, or gynecomastia, says Rosmary Black in the New York Daily News, including obesity, certain prescription medicines, and illegal drug use. But the 581 British men and 18,000 American men who resorted to surgery over the course of a recent year had other options. Most of the time, men can reduce the size of their breasts with a simple lifestyle change.
"Male breast reduction gaining popularity; fastest growing cosmetic surgery in U.K., up in U.S."