Thanks to its feminine-hygiene-product overtones, "iPad" — the unfortunately evocative name that Apple just unveiled for its new tablet PC — has swiftly become an easy internet joke."Will the next version have wings?" mused Alissa Walker at Fast Company. "Yes, the iPad is small, lightweight and slim," said the L.A. Times, "but can you swim with it?" Surprisingly, just hours after Apple CEO launched his innovation, "iTampon" was trending higher than "iPad" on the social networking site Twitter. (Watch a CNBC anchor make the joke on the air.) Even more surprising: Apple's marketing language has long had eery overlaps with the feminine protection industry, as this slogan comparison shows.

Tampon: "One problem less." (Kotex, 1923)
Apple: "Less is more." (Powerbook G4s, 2003)

Tampon: "It takes a woman to understand." (Tampax, 1940s)
Apple: "What kind of man owns his own computer?" (Apple II)

Tampon: "Made to go unnoticed." (Tampax, 2007)
Apple: "More Power. Thinly disguised." (iMac revision, 2008)

Tampon: "Remember how simple life used to be?" (Kotex, 1967)
Apple: "Simpler than ever." (Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard", 2007)

Tampon: "They work. You play." (Lil-Lets, 1993)
Apple: "The home computer that's ready to work, play and grow with you." (Apple II)

Tampon: "For the ultimate care down there." (Kotex U, 2008)
Apple: "The ultimate all-in-one. Now with the ultimate display." (iMac, 2009)

Tampon: "Dry protection you can touch." (Stayfree, date unknown)
Apple: "Touching is believing." (iPod Touch)

Tampon: "Live life. Stay free." (Stayfree, 2005)
Apple: "Life made easier." (Mac Pro, 2006)

Tampon: "Mighty. Small." (OB Tampons, 2007)
Apple: "Small is huge." (Mac mini, 2009)