It looks like Jon Gosselin has been cheating on his wife after all, said Us Weekly. Since being photographed outside of a bar recently with Deanna Hummel, “five people close to the situation—including two relatives of the other woman—confirm that” the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star is having an affair with the third-grade teacher. (watch Us Weekly's alleged footage of Gosselin leaving Hummel's house)

That’s not what Hummel’s saying, said Liza Hamm in People. She claims that “she met Gosselin through a mutual pal a couple of months ago” and, although they have been spending some time together, it’s been “as part of a group of friends, not as a couple.” She swears “there's absolutely nothing romantic going on between her and the married reality star.”

Maybe, but “as allegations of marriage troubles for the parents on Jon & Kate Plus 8 are splashed across the tabloids,” said Jennifer Wilson-Speedy in the Toronto Star, “fans are starting to grow weary of the hen-pecked husband, his controlling wife, and their brood of twins and sextuplets.” And whether the “marriage drama” between Jon and Kate Gosselin is “real or not,” it’s “part of what's distancing fans from one of TLC's most popular shows.”