You'll soon be able to transform your living room TV into a "digital easel, an office whiteboard, or an impossibly large Candy Crush playing field," said Nick Pino at TechRadar. Wave, developed by San Francisco–based Touchjet, converts any television into a giant touchscreen computer. The device, which is mounted on top of the TV and connected via an HDMI cable, uses an infrared sensor to track finger movements across the screen.

(Courtesy photo)

The TV then works like any other Android tablet, capable of running the 1.3 million apps in the Google Play Store. "There's big business in creating TV-size touchscreens," with Microsoft set to release its whiteboard-size Surface Hub next year. But while the Surface Hub starts at $7,000, the Wave will be available for just $119 and is slated to start shipping in March 2016.