1. iOttie iTap ($70)

If you struggle to keep your cell from sliding off your dash during long drives, this car charger is a great way to keep it topped up. It works for all phones with Qi adaptability, including Android and Google. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Anker PowerPort Wireless 10 ($26)

With the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple users can now enjoy wireless charging, too, so they should learn the name Anker. With 5 watts, PowerPort isn't the fastest charger, but it's an affordable, reliable choice. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Samsung Fast Charge ($35)

Samsung was one of the first companies to support wireless charging, and its devices are some of the speediest on the market. Galaxy users will love how this sleek palm-size charger looks on a desk or nightstand. Buy it at Amazon.

4. 15W Belkin BoostUp ($60)

A 7.5-watt device will charge an iPhone just as quickly, but 15 watts make a difference for fast-charging enabled Android phones. The BoostUp has a rubber ring in the middle to keep phones from ­sliding off. Buy it at Amazon.

5. Pi (available for preorder)

Pi is the future of wireless charging — it'll charge up to four phones at once if they're placed within a foot of it. The MIT graduates who developed it expect it to be priced under $200. Preorder it at Pi Charging.

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