A new smart wristband aims to give the visually impaired a "sixth sense" to help them move around, said Peter Holley at The Washington Post. Some 7 million Americans live with a visual disability, and most rely on canes or guide dogs to help them navigate hazards. The Sunu wristband uses echolocation to notify the wearer of nearby objects. The device "emits a high-frequency sound wave that bounces off objects as far as 14 feet" away and then registers the objects' location with a gentle, pulsing vibration on the wearer's wrist.

(Courtesy image)

"The closer the object is — whether it's a wall, trash can, or person — the more frequent the pulses become." Settings such as pulse sensitivity can be customized via an app. Developers hope to connect Sunu to mapping apps, allowing users to receive information about their immediate location.