It goes without saying that 2017 was about a lot of things. Like every year, it had its highs and its lows, its breakthroughs and its setbacks. Here are a few people's valiant attempts to put into words what this year was all about.

2017 was the ...

Year of no excuses

Year of lost opportunities

Year of screwing with your eyebrows

Year of the Asian food cookbook

Year of the instant pot

Year cryptocurrency joined the global financial system

Year of Bitcoin

Year of the bot

Year that computers became phones

Year people asked Google "how?"

Year late night grew up, and we did too

The Kardashians' most dramatic and important year ever

Year of beauty— weird, weird beauty

Year of crazy jeans

Year that everyone had sex on screen

Year of the comeback

Year of Laura Dern

Year of the black woman

Year of Rose Armitage

Year of Stephen King on screen

Year of reckoning in Hollywood

Year of sexual misconduct

Year of (certain) women's voices

Year of women's anger, onscreen and off

Year of the male apology in film

Year for space images

Year of unexpected delights in gaming

Year of the platformer

Year of Nintendo

Year of beer

Year of Houston barbecue

Year of chicken nuggets

Year of the conversational, explanatory tweetstorm

Year of the civil servant

Year of the red-hot job market

Year of the condo

Year of risk

Year of unprecedented risk

Year of simplifying and strengthening

Year of phobia

Year of the billion-dollar disaster

Year to give to charity (if you want a tax break)

Year of awakening

Year of protests

Year of kicking Russia in the ass

Year of Trump

Year of being completely overwhelmed by Donald Trump

Year of covfefe

The craziest year in U.S. political history?