Norm Devio is an arm wrestler whose career can be measured in years (40), national titles (25), or trophies (500+). And the 76-year-old isn't done yet.

Norm Devio's trophy room, March 12, 2016. | (Adam Glanzman)

Devio pins an opponent in the second round of the Maine State Championship arm-wrestling tournament on March 12, 2016. | (Adam Glanzman)

"While Devio is very passionate about arm wrestling, he is also a family man, and loves to spend time with his wife, Beverley, and his kids and grandchildren," said Boston photographer Adam Glanzman, who documented the retired school gym teacher in the spring of 2016.

In the 1980s and '90s, Devio was such a formidable competitor that he could succeed in any weight class. Devio and some of his peers were even called upon to teach Sylvester Stallone arm-wrestling techniques for the actor's 1987 arm-wrestling movie Over the Top.

These days, Devio — fondly nicknamed by some as "Mr. Rope Veins" — stays meticulously on top of his game. He exercises every day in his Massachusetts home — doing chin-ups, pull-ups, and press-ups — and every Thursday night he meets up with local arm wrestlers to work on technique. When he competes, he can still send chills down an opponent's spine.

Take a look at this mighty competitor in action:

Devio's daily workout routine includes three sets of 10 chin-ups, pull-ups, and press-ups, which he does in his living room. April 11, 2016. | (Adam Glanzman)

Devio watches competitors in an arm-wrestling tournament in South Portland, Maine, on March 12, 2016. | (Adam Glanzman)

Devio does curls with an arm bar in his basement on April 11, 2016. | (Adam Glanzman)

Devio competes in the 2016 Maine State Championship. | (Adam Glanzman)

Trophies cast a shadow at the Maine State Championship arm-wrestling tournament. | (Adam Glanzman)

Devio gets some exercise near his house in Massachusetts on May 25, 2016. | (Adam Glanzman)

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