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Taliban fighters almost attacked CNN producer as Clarissa Ward interviewed crowd outside Kabul airport: 'We had to intervene and scream'

As CNN's Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward reported outside the entrance to the Kabul airport on Wednesday, a desperate, panicked crowd of Afghans surrounded her, eager to tell their stories and beg those watching in America for help. Meanwhile, the Taliban fired off crowd dispersal shots nearby, later approaching the CNN team and reportedly almost pistol-whipping a producer.

"It's definitely chaotic. It's definitely dangerous," said Ward at first of the "slightly edgy" situation around the airport. Nearby traffic is barely moving, she added, as hundreds of people wait along the roadside to try and get out. 

When Ward asked one civilian to share his message to America, the man, who began by detailing the complicated and near-impossible process of fleeing the country, replied, "We help the American people, so that's their jobs to help right now here. It's a very bad situation here." 

But after quickly ending her segment, things reportedly got worse for Ward, reported New Day's Brianna Keilar. Two gun-wielding Taliban fighters approached and "were ready to pistol whip [our producer]," Ward reported. "We had to intervene and scream ... I've covered all sorts of crazy situations. This was mayhem. This was nuts."