The daily gossip: November 4, 2019

Scott Meslow
Kelsey Grammer.
Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb


Kelsey Grammer says a Frasier reboot might still be in the cards

We hope you're hungry for tossed salad and scrambled eggs, because it certainly sounds like Frasier might re-enter the building. In an interview, star Kelsey Grammer confirmed that he's "definitely talking about" starring in a reboot of the sitcom, which he plans to tackle as soon as his current acting slate is clear. A few free ideas for how to modernize Frasier for 2019: Frasier is a podcast psychiatrist, the coffee shop is now a vape lounge, and Jeff Bezos has bought Frasier's luxury apartment so he'll always have a bathroom in the neighborhood. [Vulture]


Brunch at Kanye West's Sunday Service wasn't exactly worth $55

Fair warning: If you're headed to one of Kanye West's Sunday Service shows, you might want to grab an Egg McMuffin on the way. One attendee took to social media to post a picture of the $55 brunch served at Kanye's show on Friday, which consisted of two dry pancakes, two pieces of bacon, and a sausage patty — all of which looked like rejects from an elementary-school cafeteria. But don't blame Kanye: The meal was actually prepared by a local catering company, which admitted, after the post went viral, that it "did not provide adequate food for ONE attendee." We're sure everyone else got lobster benedict and mimosas. [TMZ]


Meghan Markle's brother filmed a Royal Family-parodying beer commercial

In the proud tradition of Jimmy Carter's brother Billy, Duchess Meghan Markle is routinely bedeviled by a brother who wants to ride her coattails to hawk some beer. To that end, Markle's brother Tom has reportedly filmed a new commercial that explicitly parodies his sister, in which Tom plays himself as a cat burglar sneaking into Buckingham Palace to swipe a six-pack of his own beer from the royal vault. To make matters worse, the beer is brewed in Queens. The ad will reportedly air during the Super Bowl, so at least Markle can take comfort knowing that literally no one in England will be watching. [Page Six]


Katy Perry brings 64 friends to Egypt for her birthday

Sure, you could go to the Cheesecake Factory and get a free slice for your 35th birthday, or you could whisk 64 of your friends away for a 10-day trip to Egypt. Pop star Katy Perry opted for the latter, treating a big group of her best pals to a vacation that included a boat cruise down the Nile, a private tour of the pyramids, and a nighttime camel ride. Perry's one condition for attending? That everyone "step out of [their] comfort zone" — or at least, as uncomfortable as anyone could get on a lavish 10-day holiday. [Page Six]


J.K. Simmons used to be a mall Santa

J.K. Simmons may not be a method actor, but for his role as Santa Claus in the upcoming Netflix animated movie Klaus, he was able to draw from one of his very oldest performances: A post-college stint as a mall Santa. In an interview, Simmons recalled playing Santa for endless lines of screaming children as "pure exhaustion," with the "mental and emotional toll it exacted" — which honestly sounds like a killer premise for Whiplash 2. [Entertainment Weekly]