The daily gossip: November 7, 2019

Scott Meslow
Taylor Swift.
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images


Taylor Swift announces a free concert in Atlanta next year

Taylor Swift is one of the world's biggest pop superstars, with the stadium sizes and ticket prices to match. But next year, fans will have the rare opportunity to see a Taylor Swift concert for the low, low price of nothing. In April 2020, Swift will headline the Capital One JamFest in Atlanta, which is being thrown in conjunction with the NCAA's March Madness basketball tournament, where the players are gonna play. Tickets aren't available yet, but they'll surely fly off the shelves as soon as they go live — so you'll want to be, uh, swift. [Rolling Stone]


Helen Mirren is flattered you thought she was Keanu Reeves' girlfriend

Keanu Reeves, the internet's boyfriend, broke hearts around the world when he emerged holding hands with Alexandra Grant, his actual girlfriend. But despite the comments of a bunch of very confused people on the internet, Grant is not Dame Helen Mirren, the Oscar-winning star of cinema classics like The Queen and the eighth Fast & Furious movie, whom Grant sort of vaguely resembles. Still, Mirren says she found the confusion "flattering," because come on, who hasn't fantasized about walking a red carpet hand-in-hand with Keanu Reeves? [Page Six]


ABC is developing a Revenge reboot

Do you remember the soapy ABC drama Revenge, in which Emily VanCamp spent four seasons executing a labyrinthine and increasingly implausible revenge plot against the rich family who killed her father? Kind of? Well, it's coming back for a full-on reboot with a shocking new twist: This time, it's about a woman trying to get revenge against the rich family who murdered her mother. It might sound a little too late for audiences to get hyped about a reboot of a show that originally premiered in 2011, but you know what they say: Revenge is a dish best served cold. [Variety]


Carrie Fisher's brother explains the original plan for Leia in the new Star Wars movie

The 2016 death of Carrie Fisher meant that the architects of the new Star Wars trilogy had to alter their plans for her character, General Leia. While Fisher will appear in the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker via footage that was originally cut from 2015's The Force Awakens, her brother has revealed that the original plan for Leia was a lot grander: Revealing herself to be a full-fledged Jedi knight, complete with her own lightsaber. Can we go to the galaxy far, far away where we all got to see that? [Yahoo Entertainment]


Kristen Bell will return for the Gossip Girl reboot

For six years, Kristen Bell cashed checks as the voice of Gossip Girl, the unseen whose dishy insights bedeviled the lives of Manhattan's richest and prettiest and worst teenagers. And now that Gossip Girl is getting a reboot on HBO Max, Bell is back as well. How much money did it take to lure an actress of Bell's fame and caliber to lend some credibility to a warmed-over reboot of a teen drama that wasn't all that good in the first place? That's one secret I'll never tell. XOXO, Gossip Girl. [The Hollywood Reporter]