The daily gossip: Celebrities freak out after L.A. earthquake, Oprah will not appear on the cover of O magazine for the first time ever, and more

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Chrissy Teigen.
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Celebrities are all shook up after earthquake hits L.A.

Celebs are flustered after southern California was hit by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake just before dawn on Thursday. "It's always smaller than it feels. Anyhoo, L.A. keeping it exciting, nature is crazy," tweeted Chrissy Teigen, adding later: "Aw just realized my first thought was to run to my kids. I didn't, but it was my first thought and that is so sweet of me." Comedian Patton Oswalt revealed that he "just realized my 'earthquake kit' is a bag of Doritos and one snow boot." Good Place star D'Arcy Carden wrote: "That just felt like … someone kicked my house??" Khloé Kardashian was also rattled: "So scary! Sneakers and my flashlight by my bed," she wrote, adding: "2020 we are tired sis!!!! TIRED!! T I R E D." [E! News, Fox News]


Oprah will not be on the cover of her magazine for the first time ever

Oprah Winfrey has appeared on every single cover of O, The Oprah Magazine since the publication launched in 2000. Now, for the first time ever, she's ceding her spot — to Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old woman who was killed by police in her Louisville apartment in March. "She was just like you," Winfrey said in the announcement that accompanied the historic cover. "And like everyone who dies unexpectedly, she had plans. Plans for a future filled with responsibility and work and friends and laughter." Winfrey concluded, "What I know for sure: We can't be silent. We have to use whatever megaphone we have to cry for justice. And that is why Breonna Taylor is on the cover of O magazine. I cry for justice in her name." [O, The Oprah Magazine, The Week]


Post Malone claims he's seen multiple UFOs

Post Malone discussed his multiple UFO sightings during a nearly four-hour long episode of Joe Rogan's podcast. "I was probably 16. I was in upstate New York," the 25-year-old rapper recalled. "I was looking out the window with my cousin and it's just a light that just stays there and then just f--kin' goes off ... You can't explain it." Malone said he's also seen UFOs in Utah and southern California, the latter of which "looked like — it sounds corny — but like a classic forcefield … I was there with like four other f--kin' people, and they saw it too." Prefacing their conversation, Post Malone admitted he hadn't slept, with Rogan confirming, "Yeah, haven't slept, we're on mushrooms." [The Joe Rogan Experience, Just Jared]


Rihanna was terrified her iconic Met Gala dress made her look like 'a clown'

Rihanna's 2015 Met Gala dress was one of the most iconic looks of the 2010s, but speaking this week with Access Hollywood, the singer remembered being "so scared to get out of the car" because she was afraid she looked like "a clown." "I felt like … I'm doing too much!" she recalled. "I was driving past the red carpet and I was just seeing gowns, and I was like … oh my god, I'm a clown, people are gonna laugh at me, this is too much. I circled like three times, I'm not even joking." Rihanna, of course, ended up being the star of the night — and she even liked the omelette jokes afterwards. "Oh, the frying pan with the egg?" she said. "Legendary. I don't regret it!" [Access Hollywood, Dazed]


Rachel Lindsay really, really does not like Garrett Yrigoyen

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay isn't hiding the way she really feels about Becca Kufrin's fiancé, Garrett Yrigoyen. "I think he's a piece of s--t, and I have said to [Becca], 'I will not f--k with him," Rachel told Everything Iconic host Danny Pellegrino. Becca and Garrett's relationship status has been uncertain ever since Garrett expressed support for the police following the murder of George Floyd, and Becca revealed in June she didn't have answers for fans about the couple's future together. Rachel and Becca are close friends, and Rachel said she wouldn't comment on the relationship out of "respect" for Becca. But she did note: "This isn't the first time [Garrett's] had problematic behavior … So, this is who this man is, and he's a piece of s--t." [Page Six, Us Weekly]