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Trump is upset because people are saying Glenn Youngkin is more popular than he is

Well...is anyone shocked?

Former President Donald Trump had already begun taking credit for Republican Glenn Youngkin's win in Virginia before the Tuesday governor's race was even called, having released a statement that night thanking his base for "coming out in force and voting for Glenn Youngkin. Without you, he would not have been close to winning," reports The Hill.

On Wednesday morning, though, Trump took that statement one step further during an interview on a local Virginia radio station, saying that "Without MAGA," Youngkin "would have lost by 15 points or more."

"Instead of giving us credit, they say, 'Oh he's more popular than Trump.' It's unbelievable," Trump added in reference to Youngkin, per The New York Times.

That Youngkin "kept his distance" from the ex-president despite rallying around issues popular with his base appeared lost on the MAGA leader, who endorsed the governor-elect in May, per the Times.

The host of Wednesday's show, John Fredericks — who also served as Trump's Virginia campaign chair during his White House campaigns — agreed with the ex-president's credit-seeking comments, adding that "If there was no Trump in this election, there's no Glenn Youngkin."