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Former Trump executive Allen Weisselberg sentenced to 5 months for tax crimes

Allen Weisselberg, ex-Trump Organization CFO and an ally to Donald Trump, was on Tuesday sentenced to five months in jail at Rikers Island in connection with a yearslong tax fraud scheme at the former president's company.

Weisselberg, 75, had previously agreed to plead guilty to tax crimes and testify against his longtime employer in exchange for a lenient sentence. His cooperation ultimately helped convict the Trump Organization of financial crimes and tax fraud, per The Associated Press.

On Tuesday, Judge Juan Manuel Merchan expressed regret at having made the deal in the first place. "I'm not going to deviate from the promise [of a five-month sentence], though I believe a stiffer sentence is warranted, having heard the evidence," Merchan said. Without the deal, Weisselberg could have been looking at up to 15 years behind bars.

Now, pending good behavior, the disgraced executive could be released after as little as three months. He is also required as part of the plea to pay roughly "$2 million in back taxes, penalties, and interest — which he [had] paid as of Jan. 3" — and complete five years of probation once out of prison, AP writes.

Following the sentencing, Weisselberg's lawyer said his client "deeply regrets the lapse in judgment that resulted in his conviction, and he regrets it most because of the pain it has caused his loving wife, his sons, and wonderful grandchildren." He also "regrets the harm his actions have caused to the Trump Organization and members of the Trump family." Specifically, Weisselberg was accused of dodging taxes on almost $2 million in off-the-books job perks, which included leased cars and private school tuition for his grandchildren, among other benefits, The New York Times reports

The Trump Organization, which reportedly parted ways with Weisselberg as of Tuesday, will be sentenced on Friday, per the Times.