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Last Night on Late Night

Late night hosts joke about the 'major celebrity breakup' of Donald Trump and Mike Pence

There was "a major celebrity breakup over the weekend: Donald Trump and Mike Pence have gone the way of Kim and Ye," Jimmy Kimmel said on Monday's Kimmel Live. "Trump has been blowing the old 'Pence should have overturned the election' horn a lot lately, so on Friday," Pence "finally, kind of, a little bit stood up for himself."

"Those are strong words, 'President Trump is wrong,'" Kimmel said, and he didn't stop there. "The vice poodle has been unleashed. What a weird turn of events. I thought for sure Melania would dump Trump before Mike Pence did."

Kimmel also noted that Trump had a habit of tearing up official papers and then took 15 boxes of intact documents and mementos home to Mar-a-Lago after leaving the White House. "This is a violation of the Presidential Records Act," he said, and the punishment includes disqualification from holding public office. "This is exactly what he did, right? What are we waiting for? Disqualify away. Bring in the disqualifiring squad, for God's sake."

"The Republican Party is more divided right now than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West," Trevor Noah agreed on The Daily Show. "The big debate is between a small handful of conservatives who think it is wrong to try to steal an election versus the majority of Republicans who say overthrowing democracy is just 'legitimate political discourse,'" and Pence just sided with the anti-stealers. "Oooh, Mike Pence, standing up to Donald Trump! Look at my guy, trying new things for the first time," Noah said. "Good for Pence. And it's going to be fun watching him endorse Trump for re-election in two years."

Noah also shared some thoughts about sexual harassment in the metaverse. "What I don't understand is how Facebook couldn't weed out these people before they get into the metaverse," he said. "Think about it, Facebook has information on everybody. How come they can't tell who's an internet pervert but then they can show me ads for crutches three days before I get hit by a car."