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Mitch McConnell draws on his experience as a polio survivor in new vaccination PSA

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who has emerged as quite a vocal proponent of the COVID-19 vaccine, has released a 30-second, pro-vaccination PSA that draws on his experience as a polio survivor to encourage Americans to protect themselves from COVID.

The televised ad, which began airing last week and has "already run more than 100 times across local TV stations in Kentucky," is a joint effort by the National Association of Broadcasters and the Kentucky Broadcasters Association, CNN reports via McConnell's office. Television stations nationwide are free to air the commercial, which McConnell shared on Twitter on Wednesday.

"As a boy I fought polio. Today, America's been polio-free for 40 years thanks to vaccination. We'll beat COVID-19 with vaccines too. Protect yourself and your family. Get vaccinated."

The video message comes as vaccine hesitancy in the U.S. begins to show some signs of decline, particularly as it relates to parents' skepticism toward vaccinating their children. Read more at Axios.