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Where does NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams live and what is going on with his fridge?

New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams invited press to a residence in Bed-Stuy on Wednesday to try and prove the Brooklyn apartment was actually his, after a Politico article suggested he may reside part-time in Fort Lee, New Jersey, The New York Times reported. But the attempt to clarify the discrepancies highlighted by Politico has, likely much to Adams' chagrin, now become an all-out amateur investigation into the former police captain's whereabouts...and his kitchen appliances.

To start, Twitter sleuths have highlighted the shocking differences between photos of Adam's fridge from Wednesday and 2017. Adams is a devout vegan, but his fridge at this "current residence" contains salmon and other animal products (which he attributed to his son, Jordan). The appliance models themselves also look to be different, although the photos are reportedly from the same Bed-Stuy apartment.

A picture of Adams standing in the basement bedroom he claimed was his whipped Twitter into another frenzy, as users quickly spotted a sneaker collection that looked to belong to his son. 

Aside from seeking a simple "gotcha" moment, Politico notes if Adams really does live across the Hudson, he may be running afoul of NYC political office residency requirements, or possibly failing to pay rental income taxes.

Does Adams live part-time in New Jersey? Does the apartment reporters toured actually belong to his son? Did he buy a new fridge, and if so, when? As fellow NYC mayoral candidate Maya Wiley's campaign manager put it, "WTF?!?!"