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David Beckham waits in line for over 13 hours to pay respects to queen

Brits have been waiting in an increasingly massive line to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II — with some famous faces in their midst. 

Soccer star David Beckham was spotted waiting in line along with members of the public to pay respect to the queen as she lies in state in Westminster Hall, and he made his way inside after over 13 hours, CNN reports

Beckham spoke with ITV News while in line, noting he arrived at 2:00 that morning. 

"I thought that by coming at 2 a.m., it was going to be a little bit quieter," he said. "I was wrong. Everybody had that in mind. But the people here, all ages … everybody wants to be here, to be part of this experience and celebrate what her majesty has done for us." 

Beckham, who was later seen tearing up inside Westminster Hall, also told ITV he grew up in a "household of royalists," and "if my grandparents would have been here today, I know they would have wanted to be here, so I'm here on their behalf."

By Friday afternoon, the British government warned the wait to visit the queen's coffin was now over 24 hours long, and "overnight temperatures will be cold," The Associated Press reports. The line became so long that it had to be temporarily paused for six hours at one point, according to CBS News. The queen will lie in state until Sept. 19, when her funeral is scheduled. 

In addition to Beckham, Sharon Osbourne was also spotted waiting in line this week, telling ITV News, "I came over for this because I'm a royalist and I love the royal family."