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A Glimmer of Hope

Survivor found after Thai warship sinks, but dozens remain missing

Rescuers have found a survivor among the wreckage of a Thai warship that sank Sunday in severe weather in the Gulf of Thailand, The Associated Press reported. 

Identified by AP as Chananyu Kansriya, the survivor was found floating in the sea approximately 37 miles from where the warship sank, and was picked up by a passing cargo vessel. Officials had initially said two survivors had been found, but later adjusted this statement to say that only one person had been rescued alive. 

The warship, HTMS Sukhothai, foundered in rough waters after strong winds tilted the vessel onto its side, which allowed seawater to enter the ship and disrupt its electrical system, according to a Royal Thai Navy statement obtained by CNN. The ship capsized and sank about three hours later. 

In the aftermath of the sinking, at least 33 of the ship's 105 crew members went missing, launching a massive naval search that involved search-and-rescue ships, maritime patrol aircraft, drones, and helicopters, the navy said.

Rescue teams have so far recovered six bodies

While there is still some hope among officials that more survivors could be found, Vice Adm. Pichai Lorchusakul told local newspaper Thai Rath that anyone in the water would likely not survive more than a few days. 

Those who initially escaped the ship said in interviews with Thai media that there had not been enough life jackets onboard the Sukhothai because there were additional guests onboard the ship in addition to the normal crew. This was later confirmed by naval officials.