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Kremlin says Ukrainian drones targeted two Russian air bases

Ukrainian drones targeted two military bases inside Russia on Monday, including one that has been involved in launching strikes against Ukraine, The New York Times reports.

The bases are hundreds of miles inside Russia, and one of the airfields houses bombers with the ability to carry nuclear weapons, The Associated Press reports. The Kremlin said it intercepted the Ukrainian drones and "the fall and explosion of the wreckage" had "slightly damaged" two planes and killed three service members.

In response to the drone attacks, Russian missiles rained down on several areas of Ukraine, killing four civilians, knocking out electricity, and forcing people in Kyiv to seek shelter in subway stations. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said during his nightly address that air defenses "shot down most of the rockets [and] energy workers have already started to restore electricity." He called every "downed Russian missile ... concrete proof that terror can be defeated."