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Security firm says the Sony hack was an inside job

Security firm says the Sony hack was an inside job

New information suggests that the recent massive cyberattack on Sony might not have been Kim Jong Un's doing after all, an executive at cyber intelligence firm Norse says.

Kurt Stammberger, senior vice president for market development at Norse, told Fox News that the company is turning over "raw data" to the FBI with "super detailed insider information" that Fox reports "only a Sony insider would have." Stammberger told Fox that Norse "briefed the FBI for 'two or three hours' on Monday during a meeting in St. Louis," and that the FBI was "very open" to the new information.

Some private cybersecurity analysts have been skeptical about the FBI's claim that North Korea was behind the attack, questioning the Kim Jong Un regime's motive and ability. A theory gaining popularity now is that disgruntled former Sony employees did the hacking.

The FBI, however, is still unconvinced. According to Fox, the U.S. may have more evidence proving North Korea’s involvement that the government can't release yet.