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This beer claims to enhance your creativity

Beer is already known to enhance your perception of your dancing skills. But a new craft IPA dubbed "The Problem Solver" claims it can actually enhance your creative thinking skills.

University of Illinois at Chicago professor Jennifer Wiley was inspired to create the brew after her research found that the average person's "creative peak' is reached at an alcohol level of 0.075 percent. And now, the beer has come into fruition through the partnership of the creative agency CP+B Copenhagen and Danish brewers Rocket Brewing.

The "Problem Solver" beer has a higher alcohol level than most (7.1 percent), but comes with a chart on the back of the bottle to let you know exactly how much to drink, depending on your weight and gender, to hit the magical 0.075 percent mark and "be at your creative best."

The bottle says that drinking just enough will "enhance your creative thinking, [whereas] drinking more will do the exact opposite."

While the beer is currently only available in Copenhagen, but perhaps some "enhanced creative thinking" will see it for sale in the U.S. soon.