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holiday controversy

As reindeer populations decline, this restaurant wants Rudolph to be your holiday dinner

New research has found that reindeer populations are decreasing at alarming rates. But that doesn't bother Khublai Khans, a Mongolian barbecue restaurant in Scotland.

The eatery apparently posted a sign that says "Warning! Santa will not arrive this year... as we have Rudolf and his mates."

For one month only. NB all the reindeer involved in the making of this BBQ were all volunteers! #khublaikhans #Glasgow #Christmas #food #Glasgowfood #Asian #restaurant

A photo posted by Khublai Khans Glasgow (@khublaikhans) on Dec 12, 2014 at 8:11am PST

In the restaurant's defense, owner Maciej Troscianko told the U.K.'s Daily Record that "the best ad is the one that makes people talk."