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Brazilian congressman tells female colleague she's 'not worthy' of sexual assault

A Brazilian congressman known for his controversial remarks reportedly told a female colleague that she is "not worthy" of sexual assault.

His statement came after fellow lawmaker Maria do Rosario condemned Brazil's dictatorship from 1964 to 1985, which Rep. Jair Bolsonaro has defended, at a meeting of the national legislature on Tuesday. As do Rosario walked out of the session, Bolsonaro reportedly yelled at her, "Stay here, Maria do Rosario. A few days ago you called me a rapist, in the Green Room. And I said I wouldn't rape you because you're not worthy of it. Stay here and listen."

"I was attacked as a woman, as a Congress member, as a mother," do Rosario later told Brazilian news agency O Globo. "When I go home, I have to explain this to my daughter... I'm going to press criminal charges against him."