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Report: New York City is the best home for people under 35

Despite sky-high rents and Brooklyn already being "over", New York is still a great place for millennials to live. (Come on, it's been waiting for you!)

Vocativ has released its annual report of the best cities for Americans under 35, and New York City tops the list. To reach the results, Vocativ looked at factors like cost of rent, public transportation, employment rates, weather, and crime in America's 100 most populous cities. The list also accounts for "lifestyle metrics," like "dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and an ounce of high-quality weed."

While New York certainly doesn't excel in keeping housing and living costs down, a number of other factors propelled it to the top: The city has incredible racial diversity, the "best public transit system in the country," an unbeatable arts scene, and a variety of cheap eats, many of which are available for delivery.

Last year's top city, Portland, Oregon, came in 10th place this year. Check out Vocativ's interactive Livability Index to see how your favorite city ranks in each category.