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An argument over nuts delays Korean Air flight

A Korean Air Lines flight was delayed last week not because of a maintenance issue or an unruly passenger, but thanks to a bag of nuts.

In First Class, Cho Hyun-ah, a vice president and daughter of Korean Air's chairman, got into a fight with a senior crew member after a junior member served macadamia nuts in bags instead of on a plate, The Associated Press reports. The flight to Incheon, South Korea, from New York City was delayed 20 minutes after Cho demanded the crew member get off the plane, South Korea’s Segye Iibo reports.

Korean Air says the decision to kick the crew member off was made by the captain, not Cho, and that it was "natural" for Cho to call the person out for not knowing the right way to serve and not finding out if passengers were allergic before distributing the nuts. The South Korean government said it will investigate to see if Cho violated aviation safety law by endangering the safety of the plane.