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Caught red-handed

Thieves discover unusual relic in Israel's 'Cave of Skulls'

Six alleged looters were apprehended as they tried to flee Israel's famed "Cave of Skulls" with a very unusual object, Israel's Antiquities Authority announced on Sunday.

Israeli officials described the team as a sophisticated bunch, using ropes and excavation equipment to navigate the intricate systems of caves once used as a hideout by Jewish rebels in their war against Rome. The caves are still home to many ancient relics the rebels left behind; the famed Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered nearby.

Officials had been after this team for about a year. "These guys did really amazing stuff," Guy Fitoussi, a director of the Antiquities Authority, told NPR. "I mean, bad amazing."

And the loot? Caught on one of the six alleged looters was a 2,000-year-old lice comb. --Nico Lauricella