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Eric Garner

Rudy Giuliani: 'There was no racism in this case'

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) said in a Fox & Friends interview on Thursday that "there was no racism" in the case of Eric Garner. He also stated that he agreed with the grand jury's decision, saying they "reached a verdict they felt was right."

"There was no racism in this case," Guiliani said. "There was no indication that if this man was a white man of the same size resisting arrest, the same thing would happen."

Giuliani also criticized New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for inciting the protests over the Garner decision. He mentioned De Blasio's statements about teaching his mixed-race son to handle confrontations with police, adding that "to train young black men how to avoid being killed in this city... you should spent 90 percent of your time talking about how they're actually going to get killed, which is by another black."