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Bill O'Reilly and Jimmy Fallon second-guess the Ferguson prosecutor

On Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon had Bill O'Reilly on The Tonight Show, and like a lot of America, the talk turned to the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, and the subsequent rioting. O'Reilly gave a longish spiel about the "terrible story," but now that the grand jury has spoken, "you have to accept it," he said. "I mean, that's our system. You have to accept it."

O'Reilly went on to discuss the "emotional" part of the case, and the discontent among black Americans who "feel that the justice system does not give them a fair shake." "That's a legitimate protest, and I respect that," he said. "Because things don't change in this country unless you protest. They don't get better unless you protest." He added the obvious caveat: "But don't burn down somebody's store."

Fallon finally got a word in here, asking why St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch would announce the lack of an indictment at 8 pm "if you're expecting there might be a riot?" O'Reilly suggested it was because McCulloch wanted to make his case to the nation. "Oh my god, that's crazy. It's just a crazy time," Fallon responded, then turned the conversation to Thanksgiving. Watch the video below. --Peter Weber