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Archaeologists discover painted figures in Greece's mysterious Amphipolis tomb

Archaeologists have discovered painted human figures in northern Greece's famed Amphipolis tomb.

The site has also yielded a mosaic of the abduction of Persephone and a fourth burial chamber where a skeleton was found. The Greek Ministry of Culture announced the painted figures' discovery, adding that they will be examined with lasers.

The ministry hasn't revealed photos of the paintings, which were found on the door frames of the tomb's second burial chamber. The archaeologists hope the paintings will help solve the mystery of who was buried at the tomb, which dates to the time of Alexander the Great in the 4th century B.C.E.

Archaeologists are planning a second phase of the excavation, where they will search the Amphipolis site for additional burial chambers. Discovery News reports that more details about the excavation will be revealed next Saturday at a press conference in Athens.