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Study: Denmark is the world's 'most-connected country'

A study released Monday found that Denmark is the world's top country for "cellphone and Internet use," AFP reports. The data was collected by the International Telecommunications Union, which analyzes information and communication technologies (ICTs).

South Korea was previously the "most-connected country" before Denmark took its place. Denmark is followed by Iceland and Britain, and the U.S. ranks 14th. Of Asian countries, Hong Kong was the highest-listed, in ninth place. Last place, meanwhile, went to the Central African Republic.

The survey considers internet and mobile phone access and use as well as "the population's competence with the technology," AFP notes.

The report states that internet use in developing countries is up 8.7 percent in 2014 and is up 3.3 percent in wealthier nations. But of the 4.3 billion people who aren't online, 90 percent are in developing countries.