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Report: Agency crafted by Elizabeth Warren suffering low morale, distrust

The latest internal survey of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's workforce shows shockingly low employee morale and distrust of the agency's leadership, the Washington Times reports.

The CFPB is the government's newest agency, which was established due to the advocacy of consumer protection advocate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). According to the report, "workers registered the biggest decline in optimism when asked whether the 'organization's senior leaders maintain high standards of honesty and integrity.'"

Earlier this year, two of the five elected board members resigned after employees complained publicly about managerial discrimination and union disputes.

According to the Times, "conditions inside the CFPB have deteriorated so much that the agency was forced this fall to solicit outside help for equal employment opportunity issues such as counseling, mediation, investigation, and case management services."

For a majority of the questions, the CFPB's employees' responses were more unfavorable than last year, and CFPB officials say they are responding to the decline in employee confidence and morale by launching "joint management and union working groups at the division level to review and understand the results and make recommendations for improvement."