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The U.S. Postal Service lost a woman's ashes

The family of a deceased Ohio woman was forced to attend a funeral without her remains — and it's all the U.S. Postal Service's fault.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Barbara Kirkendall's remains were never delivered to her husband. The former, 80, died on Nov. 5 after suffering from a blood infection and was cremated.

Norman Kirkendall, her husband, ordered the Priority Mail Express 1-Day service, but the package didn't arrive.

"I feel like I've lost her," Kirkendall told The Columbus Dispatch. The Kirkendalls had been married for 61 years and had five children.

Meanwhile, David Van Allen, a spokesperson for the Postal Service, said the agency is conducting a "vigilant search" for the ashes.

The family held a memorial service without Kirkendall's remains, but they have delayed a military burial (she was an Air Force veteran) until the ashes are located.