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The Stars at night shine big and bright....

A bright meteor fell over Texas, and you can watch from three angles

Russian dashboard cameras aren't the only ones that can capture dramatic footage of meteors streaking across the sky. On Saturday night, a bright blue-green fireball lit up the sky over central Texas, and a couple of well-timed videos captured its dramatic descent. In Hewitt, Texas, outside Waco, local police Cpl. Jason Naylor had made a traffic stop and his dashboard camera filmed this:

In San Antonio, another dash-cam captured the fireball in color:

The best footage, though, is probably from Austin, where the suspected meteor was visible behind the band Modest Mouse during their set at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Serendipitously, Pitchfork notes, the band was playing "Dark Center of the Universe" as the falling space rock lit up the sky. --Peter Weber