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This is what it's like to review marijuana for a living

The New York Times has a fascinating interview with Jake Browne, The Denver Post's first pot critic. Yes, Browne gets paid to smoke marijuana and write about it. Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, the paper says that adding a pot reviewer simply made sense. Browne agrees.

"I think people underestimate cannabis," Mr. Browne said. "You wouldn't walk into a restaurant and say, 'I'll have the wine.' So why would you assume people would do that for cannabis?"

Browne's job isn't simply to get high and write about it — he takes detailed notes not only on the look, taste, and smell of the strain, but also on the specifics of the high:

Seated in his living room testing out the Lemon Kush, Mr. Browne kept detailed notes from the moment he ingested, and observed how it moved through his body. (When writing about Jack Flash, another strain, he once noted that it "always gets me straight between the temples.") With the Kush, he observed whether the pot relieved his headache (a little) and tracked, in painstaking detail, how the feeling of the high evolved. [The New York Times]

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