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Woman survives 45 minutes without a pulse

A Florida woman had quite the medical scare when serious complications during a caesarean section nearly killed her.

Medical workers at Boca Raton Regional Hospital spent three hours trying to revive Rudy Graupera-Cassimo, 40, from a rare amniotic fluid embolism that stopped her blood circulation and left her without a pulse.

Just as the doctors were about to pronounce Graupera-Cassimo dead, her monitor indicated that her heart was beating. They had already called in her family and said there was nothing more the medical team could do for her.

"She essentially spontaneously resuscitated when we were about to call the time of death," Thomas Chakurda, spokesperson for the hospital, told The Associated Press.

Graupera-Cassimo suffered no brain damage from the event and gave birth to a healthy baby. Chakurda says she is now "the picture of health."