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Crisis in Ukraine

Fragile cease-fire in Ukraine appears weaker than ever

The neutral Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe says it observed a column of troops without insignia inside of rebel territory in the Ukraine, and Kiev believes they were sent from Russia.

"Although the OSCE did not specify to whom the equipment and soldiers belonged, the Ukrainian military has no doubt of their identity," said Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lysenko. "The past week was characterized by an increase in the intensity of shelling and the transfer of additional force: Ammunition, equipment, and personnel, to terrorist groups."

Both sides are accusing each other of violating the terms of a two-month-old cease-fire, and Reuters journalists inside the eastern city of Donetsk say that on Sunday, they heard what sounded like the most intense shelling to happen since early October. A local businessman told Reuters that "there have been rumors for a while that one of the sides is getting ready to break the cease-fire and go on the offensive," and the shelling he heard on Saturday resulted in a "night of wrath."