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The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles votes to keep women out

"No girls allowed" will remain the credo of the Adventurers' Club of L.A., following a Thursday night vote, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The 93-year-old group meets each week, so that members can "share their exotic adventures," according to the website, which also features a ship floating on the high seas and sounds of a seagull. Women are apparently still a bit too exotic for the intrepid men, as a two-thirds vote from members resulted in a resounding no.

"It was massive resistance," Marc Weitz, a former president of the group and pro-women member, said. "I mean, people stood up."

While Weitz said he and other members who support the inclusion of women will hold off on another vote for a while, he also believes that adventurous females will someday be voted into the club. Dare to dream, Los Angeles ladies.