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Baby It's.. Who?

Jimmy Fallon and Bette Midler do a lip-flip duet to the Shirelles' 'Baby It's You'

Jimmy Fallon sometimes sings with his Tonight Show guests, and he occasionally does a "lip flip" with them — the camera superimposes Fallon's mouth onto the guest's face and vice versa — so it was only a matter of time before he combined the two things. It happened on Wednesday night's show, and Bette Midler was the lucky guest.

In the clip below you get a few minutes of classic lip-flip banter, and then a delightfully bizarre (and slightly grotesque) rendition of Burt Bacharach's "Baby It's You," made famous by the Shirelles and featured on Midler's new album. There's a lot going on here — Midler is singing her part in Fallon's face, and Fallon is doing a doo-wop bass part through Midler's — but it's short enough to be entertaining. --Peter Weber