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Taken for granite state

Scott Brown gets tripped up on local New Hampshire geography

At the final debate in the New Hampshire Senate race, Republican candidate Scott Brown got into a bit of trouble on local knowledge. Moderator James Pindell noted that both Brown — a former senator from neighboring Massachusetts — and incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen now live in the seacoast area of the state, and asked Brown for his views on "the western part of the state," specifically asking about the economy of Sullivan County.

"Well you're absolutely right, geography plays a role: Along the southern border we have more jobs, we have more opportunity," Brown said. "Infrastructure and other opportunities up north are difficult. And one of the biggest opportunities is tourism, and one of the biggest opportunities are ski areas, and trails for snowmobiles, I support those efforts."

Brown then began talking about ObamaCare, but Pindell cut him off: "We're talking about Sullivan County. I think you were talking about the north country? So what do you see going well?"

"I'm talking about any place past Concord, actually," said Brown, "and the challenges of our state." He then resumed his criticism of ObamaCare.

"Sullivan County is west of Concord — it's not north of Concord, Sen. Brown," Pindell responded.

As The Associated Press points out, New Hampshire's ski industry is "almost entirely based outside Sullivan County." Watch the video below, which has been posted quite eagerly by the New Hampshire Democrats. --Eric Kleefeld.