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Buzz Aldrin says the moon has a 'velvet-like sheen' up close

Sunlight appears differently on the moon, Buzz Aldrin said in a Reddit Ask Me Anything today. Responding to a question about his trip to the moon, the former astronaut wrote:

The black sky was different, especially on the surface of the moon. Because from earth, the surrounding light is visible when looking at the night sky. In space, the sun is always affecting the night sky. But on the surface of the moon, the sun's light gave a pronounced velvet-like sheen, such that no stars were visible, especially in the vicinity of the earth. The stars were visible en route, but away from the sun, the stars were very visible, but on the surface of the moon, the ambient light enabled stars to be seen through the telescope but not through the visor cover on the eyes.

Sadly, if you want to see for yourself what he means, you're out of luck. "Satisfactory photographs unfortunately were not produced," Aldrin said.

Here's hoping Virgin Galactic gets started on that moon tourism soon.