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Man's best friend

Watch this dog fetch his owner beer from the fridge

Bandit the Australian cattle dog is raising the bar for dogs everywhere who claim to be man's best friend by simply hanging around, going for walks, and fetching frisbees. Why is Bandit such a good dog, you ask? Because when Bandit's owner says "I'm parched," he trots over to the fridge, pulls out a cold beer, and presents it to his owner. Behold:

Before you call over your own pup and start telling him you're parched, note that Bandit's remarkable tricks didn't come without a lot of hard work: Grub Street points out that it took six months for Bandit to learn to fetch his owner a pre-koozied (albeit empty, we're guessing for safety purposes) bottle of beer. Even so, we have faith that Bandit will be delivering the suds and hosting puppy parties in no time.