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This photo of a puppy in a bulletproof vest is the cutest thing on the internet

Here's Tuco, the most adorable future police dog named after a fictional drug kingpin you will ever see.

All it took was a photo of a German Shepherd puppy in an oversized bulletproof vest to bring the internet together. Once the picture of 9-week-old Tuco hit the web, it was shared on social media and websites around the world, bringing international attention to Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog, a nonprofit that donates bulletproof vests to police dogs. The photo was used to promote a calendar featuring portraits of other canine units, with proceeds going towards buying the vests.

Tuco (named after the Mexican drug kingpin on Breaking Bad) is owned by dog handler Troy Caisey, a 22-year veteran of the Boston Police Department who has trained more than 350 dogs. Caisey is doing basic foundation work with Tuco, and if he thinks the puppy can keep up as a member of the K9 unit, he'll start formal training when Tuco is old enough.