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Woman allegedly steals Rolex, hides it in her vagina

You can't say she wasn't creative.

Shacarye Tims, 25, allegedly accompanied an Australian tourist to his Holiday Inn room in New York City, where she reportedly stole his Rolex watch. Brenton Price told the New York Daily News that he "was getting a massage" from Tims after the pair met at a bar.

"I just innocently picked up a girl at a bar and got robbed," Price told the newspaper. "I helped catch the criminal."

The New York Daily News reports that Tims allegedly hid the $25,000 Rolex in her vagina after "an early morning hookup" with Price. When Price noticed the watch was missing from the hotel nightstand, Tims attempted to leave the hotel, but Price caught her in the lobby before she could escape. The report from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office adds that Tims apparently slapped Price in the face, "causing him to suffer swelling and bruising."

Tims has been charged with robbery and grand larceny, and she is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 24. Her lawyer, David B. Epstein, meanwhile, maintains that police "bullied" her to remove the watch. "It should shock the conscious of any right-thinking New Yorker to learn that a young lady visiting from out of town was bullied by authorities to retrieve an object from the most intimate part of her body," Epstein told the newspaper.