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Toys R Us pulls Breaking Bad toys from its shelves

The crusade of one mom in Florida has paid off, with the store chain Toys R Us announcing that it will no longer sell action figures based on the show Breaking Bad.

Toys R Us told The Associated Press late Tuesday that the dolls are being removed on its website and shelves and are taking an "indefinite sabbatical." The retailer has maintained that the dolls are sold in limited quantities in the adult action figure area of its stores. [AP]

The toys for the popular show feature the anti-hero protagonist Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman, dressed in their lab gear and equipped with beakers and gas masks that they used for manufacturing crystal meth.

Susan Schrivjer, a woman from south Florida, launched an online petition to tell Toys R Us to stop selling the items in a store primarily aimed at children — though notably, she also said that she enjoyed the show itself as adult fare.