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This log cabin promises to protect you from zombies

This log cabin promises to protect you from zombies

If you want to make sure you're protected during the zombie apocalypse, Tiger Log Cabins has you covered. The company has designed a "Zombie Fortification Cabin," which includes a 10-year "anti-zombie guarantee."

The ZFC-1 log cabin kit includes three buildings connected to one another, but that's just the beginning of its perks. The cabin is surrounded by barbed wire and has an escape hatch. It also comes with an Xbox, TV, and sound system already in place in the living room, so you can watch your favorite Halloween flicks without worrying they'll actually come true. The cabin also has a deck and a gardening area, so you can live comfortably while protecting yourself from zombies.

Peace of mind from brain-eaters comes at a steep price, though: $113,000 will get you the log cabin kit only, and "zombie cabin installation" will cost an additional $21,000, CNet reports. If you want security cameras and solar panels, that'll be an additional $3,000 and $5,600, respectively. And if the 10-year guarantee doesn't hold up, you'll have to provide "medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie," Tiger Log Cabins notes.