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Family's $680,000 dream home is on the wrong lot

A Missouri family thought their brand new, $680,000 Florida vacation home was perfect, until they discovered one huge flaw: It was built on the wrong lot.

The 5,000-square-foot, three-story house is inside the gated community of Ocean Hammock; it was supposed to be at 23 Ocean Ridge Blvd. North, but is one lot over at 21 Ocean Ridge Blvd. North. The mix-up is due to a miscalculation during the first land survey in 2013; stakes were misplaced and the foundation survey was based on that error. "We are in total disbelief, just amazed this could happen," owner Mark Voss told the Daytona Beach News-Journal. "We may have moved someday. But, with this headache and grief, we're not so sure. The Midwest is looking pretty good right now."

The builder, Keystone Homes, is working on negotiating a settlement. "The buck stops with the builder," says Robbie Richmond, vice president of Keystone Homes. "We know that." Some have suggested that the Voss family swap lots with the other owners, but Voss isn't interested. "We have some ideas and plans...we're working all channels to deal with this," he said. "We have an attorney."