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Greg Abbott responds to Wendy Davis' infamous attack ad

The race for the next governor of Texas has turned into a nasty one.

Last week, Democratic candidate Wendy Davis released an ad attacking her Republican opponent Greg Abbott for not doing enough to help victims, despite the fact that he was awarded millions in a settlement after a tree fell on him and left him paralyzed. The Davis ad features a wheelchair and says, "A tree fell on Greg Abbott. He sued and got millions. Since then, he's spent his career working against other victims."

Now, Abbott's camp has released a response ad, which stitches together sound bites from political commentators who criticize Davis and liken her ad to a desperate 'Hail Mary' attempt:

Davis' campaign has been criticized for the controversial ad by both sides of the political aisle, and Davis was called on to apologize to the disabled community. The latest poll numbers have Abbott leading the race by 11 points.